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Source Code for Battery Management with Kinoma Create

Dera Manager

ITO Manager

ITO Manager has been developed. This manager was not used a dipspatcher.
Fig.1 Screen of Kinoma Create using ITO Manager ver. 1.0
Running data , Graph of Analog input 1

ITO Manager for Rice Field, ˆî‚̐…kÍ”|ŠÄŽ‹—pITO Manager

Fig.2 Screen of Kinoma Create using ITO Manager ver 1.1b4.
This control mode is "RiceFiled."


ƒZƒ“ƒT[ƒm[ƒhˆê——, ƒLƒmƒ}ƒNƒŠƒGƒCƒg
IoTŠw‰ï, Google+


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