Gosen, the my hometown

I am living in Yamagata, but I would like to introduce my hometown, Gosen City. I was born and had been there for 18 years.

At first I want to talk about the climate of Gosen city and, special products. Gosen City is a city included in Niigata northwest approximately 358.6 kilometers away from Tokyo.

Gosen City has the Agano River and the Hayade River of abundant aquatic resources in good quality to flow through the city.

Gosen City is known as production center of silk fabrics for a long time and became the knit nationwide straight production center. In addition, surrounded by rich nature, Gosen city is known for its famous peony production center in the whole country.

Gosen City called the town of the flower. There is an early-flowering cherry of Oyamada designated to the natural treasure of the country.

In addition, eminence tulip field of prefecture is in Gosen city. When the season of tulip blooming comes, it is colored in a great variety of flowers, and 1,500,000 flowers bloom in profusion.

There are special products only in Gosen City such as a Ginnan, Satoimo, and the cultured carp.

Kumakuara Ryousuke